Fall 2019


So we were well into the recording of our fourth full length, playing a few good local summer shows, when the inexplicable happened.

Perhaps it is more common than not, but those of you who are in bands know full well that the business of being in a working band, is equal parts work, talent, more work, practice, perseverance, and luck. Take those aspects and multiply them by the number of people in the band, and their significant others, and you can begin to understand the complexity of this thing called chemistry. Not to mention how easy it is for things to go south.

Songwriting is no easy thing either, and neither is the recording process beyond the impromptu jam. It takes thought and talent to put on a good performance, and the favorable aspects of a good club, a good bill and a good scene aside, there are all the afore mentioned factors which have to occur before you ever hit the stage.

Unit F has a long history of putting on good shows and making good records. With the latest lineup, we were stoked to have readied some 13-16 songs for the next record, and the shows scheduled were bangers. The summer and fall of 2019 were looking good....and then, oh yeah, here we go, as they say, a 'problem'. A slight 'hiccup'. A speed bump, so to speak.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Phil our drummer suddenly and unexpectedly checked out of active status (still alive to be clear). Personal issues got the best of him, and we will leave it at that, but it put us in the unsavory position of having to forego a few shows, and we’ve had put the full length on hold…. for now.

So there It is. Just picking up the pieces, expressing gratitude for the good things and experiences we have had doing this punk rock thing, expressing appreciation to everyone who have enjoyed the shows and the music, and then turning to do what it takes to keep that train rolling. And not just for us, but because you guys dig it too...that's really what makes it worth doing. 

So, we are looking for a dynamic, expressive drummer who can work a back beat, hit the tribal beats, and bring a precision and rhythm to a burner. We are looking for a percussionist who is ready to embrace our vision of punk, goth, and esoteric rock. Think TSOL meets Killing Joke, with Pawns and 1919 lurking in the background. Think Dead Kennedys meets System of a Down. Think Flat Worms playing Bad Religion jams. I’m sure that makes it oh so clear.

The bottom line is we are looking to finish this record so we can get back to the business of having fun and playing shows. The songs are topical, interesting and good (in our humble opinion). Contact us at mel4noise@aol.com if interested, cause we got the roughs.

In the meantime, we will ready the four songs we have ready for release: Memo (To Myself), Jesus Saves, Human Zoo and Its Okay will be posted online in all the usual formats, including here. Stay tuned for more details and thank you everyone who have been relentlessly supporting us for all these years. We will see you soon!

Cheers! Mel, the singer guy, and Unit F

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