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  1. Off You Go

Off You Go from the album Comes the Day

All rights reserved, Unit F Music

Produced by Unit F, Jim Monroe and Greg Hetson

Vocals-Mel Schantz
Guitars-Dave Costa, Brandon McCoy
Drums-Terrence Kiriokos
Bass-George Hart


a little song about New Ager's, neo-colonialism and the sheep herd mentality of people.



Hey everybody won’t ‘cha listen to me /Got me a brand new DVD
All about your Happiness/Abundant wealth is a life of Bliss
Sign up for the serenity/ New secrets revealed-to stay Happy
Ignore despair and suffering/Into the void- so we sing

Follow Me! Come on all you sheep
Off you go-toward the cliff we go!
Follow me: all you little sheep-off we go!
Come on take the leap off we go~

It’s a brand new global imperative/An Imperial Industrial Initiative
Consumerism just like in the west/all governments are at our behest
Like the Americans: time we’ll go large/ No factories smoking that’s a third world charge
Focus on the profits and the earnings/into the void, so we sing

Follow Me! Come on all you sheep
Off you go-come on follow me
Follow me: all you little sheep-off we go!
Come on take the leap off we go~

Whats this thing called society-no place for real harmony
Whats it cost to be free? Why is it so damn hard to see….
Freewill now, that’s a bitch/Have you seen which is which?
Whats your real identity-Who decides what your life will mean?…
Or have you all just given up? Let them poison every cup
and therefore off you go there you go little sheep/ off you go


Mel Schantz-Vocals    David Costa-Guitars, Vocals    

Peter Moreno-Bass, Vocals, Andy David-Drums 

Since its inception, Unit F has been walking the fine line of socio-political consciousness and chaos with their own amalgam of dark punk, deathrock and esoteric rock.  The approach is a dynamic yet defined sound, showing an awareness of punk rock’s musical heritage and its decided trademark charge of the need for social and political change so typically absent from popular culture. 



In 2020 Unit F announced the additions of drummer Andy David and Peter Moreno on bass following the late 2019 departures of Guillermo Santacruz and Phil Moore which effectively hit the pause button on the release of its fourth full length, which is now planned for 2020 to stand alongside Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction (2018), Comes The Day (2014) and American Shutdown (2009). The new self-produced effort signaled a return to friend and producer Jim Monroe (Adolescents, Fu Manchu, Manic Hispanic, CJ Ramone) who was responsible for previous full lengths (along with Greg Hetson), as well as the hard charging Same Ol’ Story EP (2012).    



By the summer of 2019, the recording process yielded a four song ‘single/ep’ which will be self-released in March of 2020 , along with several new music videos (Joe Gill producing). The songs include Memo (To Myself), Human Zoo, Jesus Saves, and It’s Okay. That same chemistry and the penchant for songwriting that became Ecocide, is on full display with these numbers, with a unique view of the systematic appropriation of the individual by the corporate system (Memo), a dour look at the homeless crisis witnessed first hand (Human Zoo), and a dangerously sarcastic look at the hypocrisy of the political evangelicals (Jesus Saves). The final barrage is saved for the sneering tongue in cheek It’s Okay, lamenting the everyday wasting process of our collective complacency. 



The current the lineup began will continue playing as a four piece, still led by original vocalist Mel Schantz who pens the lyrics and mans the vocals. It is a quicker if not louder, more dynamic and version of the band, with Andy David’s expressive drums, and the wall of guitar effect by Dave Costa.  Combined with Peter Moreno’s driving bass lines and backing vocals, Unit F’s sound fills up the room as well as it translates to the big stage. 



The reaction to this newer version of Unit F has been good, certainly it was strong enough to elicit the bands nomination to OC Weekly’s 2018 Readers Poll for Best Punk Rock Band.   The live shows still feature most of the classic burners that Unit F fans have come to expect; that room changing energy that has landed them shows with such bands as Bad Religion, TSOL, JFA, Agent Orange, Ill Repute, The Dickies, D.I. and too many other vaunted yet still active punk rock hall of famers. The classic song Ride is still as popular as ever, but with this lineup, the vibe is tighter, and all the new songs show more of a sonic evolution as opposed to a departure. The dynamic is unique. Maybe it is because the new material still rings in powerful lyrics delivered with distinct vocals, tempo changes, and meaty, churning riffs that make Unit F’s approach feel like classic old school. Backing vocals and sing along choruses that put the hooks in line with the gnarl. 



With live shows that have a show stopping intensity every time the band takes the stage, new songs such as Mind Wars, Human Zoo, Its Okay and Jesus Saves are pounded out with the same frenetic political intensity as Direct Action Now or any song from Same Ol’ Story. The songs from Ecocide like Berkeley Streets, Horrifying or Look Up Bro, still have the relevance of topics which span administrations and political trends with dismal ease, pointing out the steady, go nowhere march of a disoriented humanity. In that regard, at least the social and political reflections get a driving beat, a pounding bass line and a full guitar attack that makes such introspect seem like good night of rock and roll. And that….is just good punk rock protocol.