Unit F is...

Mel - Vocals
Phil Moore - Drums
Guillermo Santacruz - Bass/Vocals
Dave - Guitars, backing vocals


Throughout the years as one of Orange County, California's enduring bands, Unit F has used the dreaded 'lineup change' as a the one tool that could be used to evolve its sound and song writing all the while running the gauntlet of the Orange County punk rock scene. Not such an easy task considering the counties rich punk rock heritage and its deep pool of talent, but a task considered worthy by those who bring the sonic fury born of discontent and bathed in the blood and sweat of rock and roll.

The details, as is often the case, are long and generally not pertinent. Suffice it to say, heading into 2014, vocalist Mel Schantz, and guitarist Dave Costa found themselves with a new release, Comes the Day,Unit F's third full length, but with out the line up that helped create it. While replacing drummer Terrence Kiriokos and bassist George Hart,and guitarist player Brandon Coy wasn't easy, it was the kind of necessary challenge that punk bands are used to. Now with the recent additions of Mark Bolton (45 Grave) on guitars, and the rhythm section of Guillermo SantaCruz on bass and Ryan Hadley on Drums (2017), the line up is set for 2017, and recent shows revealed the bands ability to match the musical intensity and biting intelligence Unit F has become known for.

With Comes The Day, Unit F worked with the proven team of rock veterans Greg Hetson (Bad Religion,GFP, Circle Jerks), Paul Miner (Death by Stereo) and frequent engineer/producer Jim Monroe (Adolescents,Cadillac Tramps,Ignite) to complete, what they feel, is their strongest album yet. With songs such as "Direct Action Now", a title as straight forward as the song itself (inspired by the Occupy Movement), to "All The Best", which melds the esoteric with the reality of emotional catharsis, the albums songwriting hits a consitant tone of social, political and environmental awareness without losing its humanity or its driving rock intensity.

With several new songs under their belt, the band has been in the studio to record songs such as Look Up Bro, Horrifying, and DK, songs were written in 2015 but retooled with the new lineup. Throughout 2016 Unit F worked on the new material in the rehersal studio as well as on the stage. Songs that feature typical Unit F fire and brimstone with piercing looks at current techology, a materialist dominated culture at set loose upon the world as well as sonic screeds which tilt against the machinery of illusion and popular delusion. And with the new line up, it did not take long to write other new songs again with fist pumping ferocity and topical relevency the band is known for. Songs like Berkely Streets and Blacksnake, Bad Monkeys and even a goth tinged number dedicated to the dismemberment of the Vatican and the imperial legacy of Catholicism.

While Unit F has had it's fair share of changes in the past, it's will be with the release of this latest full length that should show fighting tooth and nail to have their message heard was worth it. With that being the sonic way, 2016 looks to be the year of re-emergence with a deeply ingrained commitment to making meaningful music that cannot be stopped.